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Chicken Maker
September 08, 2009

The Zed Word

Here's my Zombie. I received a request and I didn't see any good reason why I didn't have one.

So okay man. Let's see here. Firstly I made him that pale green color I seem to recall zombies being for some reason, then I of course had to use pale for the beak and comb too, so it didn't look like crap. Crescent moon is there because they're more stylish.

Of course the eye not being in the socket is there to represent his rage being blind. The Zombie isn't a racist or a sexist. It's more than willing to kill and eat you no matter who you are.  And, yes. That is a symbolism, because the Zombie represents the government or something to that effect. I guess that's more of a Social Commentary, though I did say I probably wouldn't be doing those. And this all relies on an absurd metaphor anyways.

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