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Chicken Maker
November 18, 2010

Invert Checkers


Well, sorry for the short break, but I have a new chicken today. He's inverted black and white chicken in a checker pattern. I'm kinda disappointed in my lack of exposition. I've got nothing though. Not even a blurb of artsy nonsense

Also, the banner has been slightly altered to make up for our new friend Michael.


  1. *Not pertaining to cats...? Is there a cat maker out there?

  2. Yes, yes there is. It's

  3. He would be more artistically fulfilling if his eye was centered in the white square. He would have real FOCUS that way.

    It would make ME think twice about cooking up some chicken for dinner!

  4. Nice one though. The checkers coloring give it a strong focus.

  5. Ooo! A golden opportunity for me to add a blurb of artsy nonsense! *ahem...

    Checkin shifted his talons and narrowed his gaze. The old crane had beaten him twice before, but not when he was this determined. Not this time. He must fight. He must win. He must save... her!