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Chicken Maker
November 26, 2010

Swiss Army Chicken

One of my first challenges completed. Normally I'd ramble off some commentary, but there's a lot of words on the picture so that's enough.


Also I had a computer virus eating my computer and missed the Thanksgiving update which is probably good cause I couldn't seem to draw a belt on a hat. I'm going full stop tonight so we'll see how much we get.

Oh, and I got many lots of comments. Anonymous were you a single guy or did I get a whole lot of interest all at once.


  1. Single guy, sorry :P If you don't mind I'll keep putting up comments to the chickens I like. I'm now at the Halloween gun battle.

  2. Keep on commentating buddy. I'm more than happy to receive them. :D

  3. ... And I'm through the archives. I guess I should start using a name instead of just anonymous...

  4. Good to have a way to ID you cool guy.