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Chicken Maker
November 15, 2010

Block By Block

Sometimes I like to work pixel by pixel, but well those are tiny and you don't really get to see the work, resizing them to be bigger just looks weird though. The big blocks here on the grid sheet are good. I like the effect of the grid lines.


  1. Retro. Very 8-bit style.

    Also, it reminds me of those little beads I used to put on peg boards in shapes and patterns according to a grid pattern, and then you iron them and they melt together a little bit.

  2. why are you so famous???

  3. The organization of this drawing really calls to me...

  4. Great chickens.

    Sorry to inform you, but chicken maker is not the original ms paint blog. As you will note here: I was blogging MS paint cats 6 months prior to your ms paint chickens. I couldn't keep up with the insane pace of mspaint blogging however and gave up about a year and a half ago.

    Keep up the great chicken ms painting!

  5. Ah, nice to encounter you Michael. Shame you gave up on MS Paint cats. Perhaps you should swing back to it. I'd like an ally in MS Paint drawing specific animals.