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Chicken Maker
November 06, 2010

Dual Chicken Wallpaper

I feel much better now, and to prove it to myself I made a wallpaper. But I feel a bit sick now so maybe that was a bad call.

Perhaps I miss the Dual Chicken. He was my first project and over the length of his creation my style developed quite a bit. Perhaps I'll do something again with him with consistent art and maybe a story that people who aren't the one who made it up(read: me) can follow. Well, the second would kinda ruin the point but with more notes to make things more confusing perhaps. Maybe a flash animation or something. You know, later. Or maybe soon if I'm feeling it, but this got the itch to do something with him out of my system for now.


  1. It looks like a poster for a new Hollywood blockbuster...!

  2. I heard chickens today while taking a walk.

  3. I'm crossing my fingers for another episode of Dual Chicken.