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Chicken Maker
May 19, 2016

Same Chicken Post #8 (2016 Chicken Maker Style, Line Art Style)

In 2010 I tried to codify the way I draw things. It was an interesting project and I think it could use a bit of an update. Welcome back to Same Chicken, where I draw the same chicken again.
Both my Basic Chicken Maker and Advanced Chicken Maker styles have long fallen to the wayside. This is probably a combination of aspects of them both, brought together with a flatter aesthetic that I tend to keep to these days. Since this is basically my 2016 Chicken Maker Style I don't really know how to describe it. It's the default. I normally start with the beak, then the comb, then the wattle, then after I have that face area defines I take a few tries and get a nice clean stroke for the chest and back. The oblong wing shape is simple enough, but adds a bit to the over all quality.

I think my Line Art Style is just about identical to my normal one, but without colors. I usually do more fine detail stuff if I'm not planning to color it, and I almost always add a wavy neck line, but I really don't think I would describe this as a different style. I almost just uncolored the above.

It's fascinating to look back at my own stuff.

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