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Chicken Maker
May 01, 2010

Bronze Medal

I hereby award you, the reader of this blog, Chicken Maker, the Bronze Medal for Good Taste and Brand Loyalty throughout the site's first 300 posts. Thank you very much and please continue to support us as we continue toward our goals.


  1. I got sent here via hyperbole-and-a-half and am linking to you via my "Blogs That Are Not Necessarily Keyboard Safe List." How can I not love a chicken maker? How?


  2. Good man! er... woman. Thank ye, lady.

  3. I too have come to your humble abode via Hyperbole!
    Excellent work....bahck! (thats me talking in chicken to you)
    Keep up the awesome animation

    IF you would like to check out animation that would make a 4 year old jealous, maybe you would like to visit my site and follow me?

    Thanks for making me laugh and for your support!

  4. Why thank you! The piece is quite believable, too. Very metal-looking.