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Chicken Maker
May 14, 2010

Exiting Come Back

Well, after writing about The Rooster Mask I couldn't help but actually make him. After all of his doubts he finally got up, slicked back his comb, pulled of his mask and leapt back into the ring. He was a great and powerful wrestler and had no fear in his heart. He looked forward with a steadfast determination and no regrets.


  1. Ahoy from Cape Town,
    I like this blog - refreshing.
    And I like the Rooster Mask - he can stay, as long as he plays nice.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Poultry libre!
    That cold, steely look in his eye only means business. And excellent detailing with the 'sparkly' texture of the mask.

  4. Hello Juz. Thank you for commenting. I hope you enjoy the site.

    little j. Why have you deleted your comment?

    Thanks for the compliment wose.

  5. Sorry for the confusion, that comment that was deleted was actually me. I was logged into my girlfriend's account without knowing, and left the comment before I could realize.

    ..And all compliments are well due, your passion for chicken making is unrivaled.

  6. Oh I like this one. I hope we'll see the Rooster Mask more often.