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Chicken Maker
May 24, 2010

Hero LVL 1

This is something from my latest vague idea. This chicken is a magical summon called forth by an inept mage. The two of them are quickly dragged into a tournament between powerful summoners who call forth gods and demons. He would just surrender in the first round and run away but the winner devours the loser and Hero the Chicken isn't chicken and also doesn't want to get eaten.

I haven't figured out what it's going to be yet. I mean maybe like a comic? Or I could try my hand at animation again? Maybe do it up like Dual Chicken, a picture show and a paragraph?  I'm kinda leaning toward doing a comic, at least that was what I initially thought of to go with the concept. If I got some opinions that would be nice. Maybe I'll throw out this idea all together and go with something else.

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