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Chicken Maker
May 19, 2010

Stay In The Lines

I felt like a coloring book, which for me was usually being angry because I inexplicably didn't have red and only had that Violet Red that looks red until you draw with it and it's purple. This is of course the reason the eye is purple and my reds are Cherokee Red(or whatever that color's called now)

Anyways I got bored and decided I ought to mix it up with a bit of PhotoShop so I'd have some pieces that look more different.(I may in fact be doing this exact piece again in Paint, just for some side by side comparison)

1 comment:

  1. i always had trouble finding a black crayon. they would LOOK black, but as soon as you use them they would turn out to be some form of dark blue or a sick teal-ish colour. this would then lead to me overthinking just HOW the colour teal can look like black at all, and i would get distracted and not end up finishing my picture.