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Chicken Maker
August 22, 2010

GASP! Not Dead

The chicken gasps. They had thought it had died and vanished but it's not dead. It's still alive and going strong. He's ready to come back right away. He jsut has to build up for it. If you can't tell this chicken is me. It's all metaphorical.

And, on a more awesome note. 100 FOLLOWERS! I came back to find something great. So, thank you  ~OMNOMneko~. I've just passively glanced your site, and haven't decided anything about it yet, but whatever 100 Followers!


  1. Just discovered your blog through Hyperbole and a Half. I love the pics and recent comic. I have an irrational love for roosters so thank you for combing my weird obsession with fun pics and entertaining commentary.