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Chicken Maker
August 14, 2010

Hero: Battle 01

Well, I first posted up a design for this project at the end of May. And now, as we approach the middle of August I release the first issue. Since you guys didn't give me any feedback when I told you I had no idea how I'd be posting this up for you to view I had to think on my own and well, I'd hate to look lazy so I decided to put some actual effort into it.

Unfortunately I haven't quite figured out how that'll be working yet so here's all the pages linked in a nice list, because they're too wide to post in a row. I suggest opening them all in background tabs(that's clicking with the mousewheel) then just going through the tabs one by one. It's really not a terrible way to post it I suppose.
In this project I ended up using both MSPaint and Photoshop. The Photoshop was mostly just for the text, cause that stroke effect makes it look so much nicer on a non-solid background. I also saved it with that in the end and apparently it doesn't like MSPaint's 4 default grays since it turned them into two interlaced piles of near identical grays. That's all in good fun though.

Now you'd think that since this is Battle 01 then obviously the next issue is Battle 02 and normally I'd agree with you but instead I decided that starting it from here would leave anyone who actually read it confused so I'll be doing Battle 00 next which will be what led up to the events of the comic. It will probably only be a few pages but that's cause it'd get boring if I drug it out.

So, please tell me what you think!


  1. Thank you duck. I appreciate the comment. I'll try to keep up or increase the awesome level.

    Also the site you link to appears not to exist. I always try to at least poke into the sites of people who comment here.

  2. I like the concept a lot.. it reminds me of pokemon from baaaack in the day. Which is good.I loved pokemon