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Chicken Maker
August 19, 2010

Overlapping Squares With Overlap

It's a bunch of overlapping squares(NOT RECTANGLES) with bits filled in to make it look a bit like a chicken. It gives a nice change of pace, which is something I'm always trying for.You see his endlessly trapped existence symbolizes how most of us, even if we go outside of the boundaries are just ending up in a different set of boundaries, never really being free. Mind I rather like Boundaries.

Also went to RiftTrax Live Reefer Madness today. That was a fun time, so you can expect something knocked off of it later on.


  1. This one is great.. it almost looks 3-dimensional. And where are you, kaloo??

  2. Sorry, but every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. That's right, I got an A+ in geometry.

  3. But all of these ones ARE squares. The rectangles you see are the overlapping parts between the squares.

  4. Went back in time to find a little meaning in my life through the "symbolism" search category.
    This chicken really speaks to me. Dem boundaries...I feel ya.