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Chicken Maker
May 28, 2009

Guest Chicken, from Cory Marinecz

This is the first time I've gotten any 'fan' work so I suppose I should be flattered but it's so awful that I can't bring myself to it.  Included with the image was the following quote "This is a sad chicken with a top hat and an identity crisis. :(" And being as this is a first I've decided to crush it with a 5 paragraph essay! The problems are the lack of structure, the contrasting colors and the lack of passion by the artist.

The structure is a complete mess. The porportions are terrible. The feet are poorly structured. However the artist's lack of technical efficiency can be forgiven by his inexperience in the field. Despite this some attributes are simply unacceptable. The "top hat" isn't a top hat at all. What is seen in this image is a tophat. What this is wearing appears to be something like one of those samurai basket hats.

The contrasting colors used in the image are awful. When I consulted him he told me that it was to represent the identifty crisis the chicken was suffering from. This might have been acceptable if he'd at least used duller less vibrant colors, but looking good comes before procuring a message. Of course the orange bit just looks awkward. Everyone knows it should be red after all.

Finally his lack of passion for the suject is simply obvious. This was obvious from his analysis, which seemed like a tacked on after thought. He knew it wouldn't be clear without it and yet it is just a jotted down set of jibberish. The fact that he saved it as a JPEG in paint, which is known for it's quality loss when using JPEG, shows that he just didn't care at all. 

In conclusion the work of Cory Marinecz lacks in many qualities, from his technical ability and his color selection to his lack of passion bringing down the work.  If he'd had more firey passion for his work, a stronger stylistic sense, or more technical skills the work could have stood as a fine example of what this site is all about. Unfortunately this one will never find itself so inclined, not even at the level of Two Days Too Late, during the creation of which I completely lacked any passion or style. 


  1. he just wanted to give you his drawing of a chicken as a sign of his admiration.... poor guy