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Chicken Maker
August 06, 2009

Burning Passion

The problem I now realize has been my lack of burning passion. I've just been practically forcing myself to do these when nothing was coming to me. Of course now I finally got one. Something that captures a bit of flare on it's own. I used Literal flames, figurative flames and even contrasting forces to bring it all out in this one.
I used some literal swishing flames in the background to give an impression of passion and speed. I'm not very good at flames unfortunately. That fancy shmancy guest art I got had much nicer ones. Still I think they came out looking bright and forceful.
The figurative flames can be seen in the chickens eyes and his sudden forceful motion. He looks like he's ready for a big fight or something. The comb has a similar bend to the flames giving it a similar force and I feel helpign to bring the whole image together
Lastly the contrast created by darkening the chicken makes the fire burn brighter. The darkened chicken even seems like he's being illuminated by the fire. Probably just seems that way because he's not as dark as he would be if this had been working on a night scene.
In conclusion I just haven't been going all out when doing these. There's been a distict lack of fire. Not giving it my all just gave me a bunch of mediocre things. I mean, it's not like I'm saying I won't make the same mediocre things. I know It'll stay the exact same kind of stupid, but I'll put some heart into it.

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