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Chicken Maker
August 08, 2009

Crazy Whatzit

I haven't done anything irregular in a while. I've been trying to think of clever themed chickens lately and haven't just tried my hand at a differenter art. I mean I've fallen into habit using the same brush(I mean there's only 12 in Paint but...) and the same dozen colors.
I started off ripping off something I saw, but then I realized some of the nice the subtle elements it had and I realized that there was no way I could pull that off in paint. Once I started though I just kept piling patterns into the background. It came out with a unique look... As to why I used green I originally intended it to just be neon green and neon orange, but I just added a bunch of colors as I started work on the various patterns burried in there. All the patterns were made using the full circle tool too. Just tried to do it all different. Maybe I should try things like this more often.


  1. This one is my favorite! I love the hypnotic look of the background and the contrasting colors.

  2. Woaaaaah, Mannnnnnnn...
    I'm feeling that rainbowwwwww, mannnnnnn....