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Chicken Maker
August 16, 2009

Pirate, Ninja, Cowboy

Here comes my latest works. I finished them all and decided they should be released as a set. Pirates and ninjas are always quite popular on the internet. And of course Cowboys and Knights slide right in there with them. Mind, I couldn't manage a good knight so it's just Pirate, Ninja and Cowboy. Did 'em all in one go.

Okay. First off I've got a pirate. He's got a bandana, a peg leg, and an eyepatch. These are the standard pirate features.  Maybe I should have stuck a skull on there somewhere, but it didn't seem apropriate. He's missing something, but I couldn't figure out what. 

Next up is the Ninja. If you can't make out the outline then try tilting your moniter You should be able to see him snce he's absolutely black(RGB 0,0,0) and the background is just a mix of dark green and blue, with some lighter lines cutting through it. Anyways, Ninja almost invisible and all that. 

I like cowboys. So he has a cowboy hat, and a vest, and all that. I would have given him a revolver, but I wasn't entirely sure how he'd manage to hold it. His hat's covering his eyes since the stranger who hunkers into town just in time to get caught up in the mess and save the day should look mysterious.


  1. Kaloo; I have a business venture I would like to propose to you. It seems that we are both MS paint artists. How would you feel about having paint wars on my blog? Basically, you draw something that you think is invincible and I draw something that I think is invincible and then we put the pictures side-by-side and let them battle. Readers vote on who wins. The character that wins is redrawn in a new battle stance for the next challenge. Does this sound like fun? Please say it sounds like fun because I have a whole bunch of invincible paint creatures waiting to battle your chickens.



  2. The pirate chicken's missing its parrot.