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Chicken Maker
August 30, 2009

Manteau et Surin de Poule

This is my very fancy french piece, which I did exactly like all my other pieces. Oh, now I put some serious thought into doing it fancier, but well I tried to and it seemed kind of awful. 

Then I got a burst of idea while I was typing this and figured out how to make it look fancy. I just had to do a bunch of short little nibbling lines like real art's made of. Now sure it looks kind of bad right up on it, but back up a few feet and it looks no worse than most of the things here. I actually really enjoyed doing the second one, though it didn't exactly come out as the ideal or something of artistic merit. Still it gives an interesting contrast with the first. I may well do another like this at some point.

Also for those of you who either A)Speak French or B) Don't Speak French I just translated Cloak and Dagger of Chicken using a crappy online translator.  Actually if you do speak French could you tell me why what I wrote up there is retarded, not minding the fact that the title didn't even make proper grammatic sense in the first place.

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