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Chicken Maker
August 26, 2009


This one came out a little poorly, well really I guess I just didn't center the head well. I never would have redone it though so I'm posting it now. Anyways it's got a Gundam-style V on it's forhead to make it clear that it was a giant robot. Then I gave it the pointy comb and waddle to give it a mechanical feel.  The beak came out rather nicely I think. The head I put a good amount of effort into but I was totally half assed when I did the body. And of course he has a mono-eye so he's probably some sort of bad guy.
Anyways I was gonna call it Chik-dam, after Gundam, which was the main design influence, but I decided on Chicker-Robo, after Getter Robo, which t doesn't look like at all but the Robo has a more generic use and it sounds better. There were a few others I considered but they weren't that great, except maybe Chicken-Zord, ala Power Rangers.
And I jsut realized I already posted something today. Well whatever... Oh right I forgot I was going to beg for comments next time I posted something... I'm too lazy to actually do it though so... I'll just toss out a little... *begs for comments*