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Chicken Maker
July 15, 2013


We don't have T-Shirts. I would like to make some Shirts and things, but I wander onto the Zazzle or the CafePress and I nod at it a bit, think on it, then put it off. Because I don't have high resolution art, not that I can't blow up the size of these things and do that. I just haven't yet. The prices are always so high on those print on demand shirt sites. Any of you people have any thoughts on that?  Know a cheap one? One commenter going through mentioned they were disappointed I didn't have them so I decided to think about it again.


  1. Stencils and spray paint? Works for garage bands at least

    1. And it's quite fun for random things that you aren't shipping as well. Shipping is something I don't want to deal with though.

  2. Make them from a cheaper site and then just sell them till they're gone. Make a supply count down for your readers. Creates a sense of urgency with the buyer. Like when Amazon tells me it only has one rainbow narwhal bowtie left. There is no situation I would ever wear it, but by God I'm not letting anyone else get that last bowtie!