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Chicken Maker
June 19, 2010

Project Page Header

I decided that my project page could use a bit of sprucing up so I thought a bit and decided it needed some sort of banner or header or soemthing. It needed at least one picture on it at any rate. So here it is:
It's got a general-use chicken on the left because that's what I do on this site, a chicken foot on the far right because I'm not very good at those and decided I needed to practice, though I probably shouldn't have done that on a semi-permanent thing... A chicken in flight in the middle because it seemed exciting. A generic version of Shades McCoolGuy is on the Bottom right for character. The background is a silver tipped wing because it came to me and the thing looked rather empty. Faded look was kinda hard to get right but I think I got it right..

1 comment:

  1. Yay!! You like chickens
    I also like chickens but ducks are great
    You could work some ducks into your work because they are hilarious. (I know, I have 5)
    Chickens are actually a little bit evil. (That is why I only have two)
    Anyway this is great. Good MS Paint stylin's :)