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Chicken Maker
August 22, 2020

Logo and Branding 2020

This is the new and official logo and brand guidelines. (For my personal use obviously. I don't know who else thinks we have a brand.) This should probably have been posted before I updated the site since this is already around.

The new logo is based off the previous concept scrap. I used clean simple shapes and adjusted the angle on the paintbrush. We have clear and recognizable line work, which shows includes both the chicken and drawing aspects of the site. For the full color variant we have added the partially colored white body. Body left we have a two tone version, where we fill most of the enclosed sections. I also set up a vector version, which you can see on the top of the sidebar, something I previously didn't have.

We have a pretty generic uppercase text, though it is hand drawn. For the text you can just kind of split and orient it any way that seems convenient, including Chick–Enmak–Er.Net, whatever that means. Try to align the left edge. Displaying the logo and site name should follow the purple layout on the bottom left, with the text in an "L" shape. It isn't that way in the site banner because that's wide.

Our brand colors are still primarily the shade of lavender which has been the site background ever since the site stopped being lime green. The primary color is mainly used for large background elements and content on dark backgrounds. The dark purple is for outlines and content on light backgrounds, along with backgrounds for light text. Black text is preferred. The light purple on the sidebar isn't a brand color.

Primary Color: #C694FC
Dark Color: #6728B2
Accent Color: #B56AFF

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