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Chicken Maker
November 21, 2019


This looks like a dog, more or less. I can occasionally draw things that aren't chickens. I also feel somewhat comfortable with things like swords, mysterious eye monsters, and a variety of hats.


  1. I used to read this blog back in 2010/2011 or so (got the url from hyperbole and a half) and just now found it again and I'm so unreasonably happy to see that you still exist. The fact that someone out there has been drawing chickens in MS Paint so consistently for 10 years is really amazing to me and I say that without sarcasm. You are a legend.

  2. I wanted to Echo what Olivia said. I still check in from time to time, and am delighted to see your FB posts. You made the angry CEO chicken at a press conference for me!

    1. Thank you for looking at this even now. I'll keep posting them so enjoy.