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Chicken Maker
September 03, 2010

Stormcrow the Green

Well, on occasion I feel the need to gauge my ability to draw, and usually the best way to do that is to try to redraw something I drew before, so I remade Stormcrow the Green, who I originally created last September. Now, I feel like this shows more of my change in sense, like coloring and making crescent moons, than it does with my ability to draw, but I feel like there's definitely been some improvement. Anyways I like the glowing green aura deal better than a couple crescent waves.

A wizened old wizard, Stormcrow the Green is a spell caster without many equals. (Being wise he knows better than to think he's without equal)

On the note of Improvement I think I need to rework that Best of Chicken Maker List. There's not a single thing from 2010 on there and I can see all the things I've improved on when I look at them and think things like "If I'd made that now I'd have redrawn that head before I posted it." So, do you have any favorite chickens on this site. If you do feel free to comment below(or anywhere on the site really) or send me an eMail(It'd be a nice break from the spam mail I usually get in there.)


  1. Hey, I've been admiring your chickens for a few months now I guess and some recent favourites that come to mind are the overlapping squares one and cut away letters. :)

  2. Thank you miss Amy. And welcome to the site.

  3. Huge improvement here though. The glowing aura conveys his magical abilities.

  4. I think his success comes from the fact that he is actually able to pronounce "Buck, buck, buckawkeio!" Even chicken spells seem to attract additional vowels.