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Chicken Maker
September 06, 2010

Mouth Blader

The Mouth Blader. A chicken with a blade in his beak. He's been fighting for ages using only the style of mouth-based swordsmanship passed on from father to son for generations within his family. Unfortunately he is rather more violent than previous generations of his family and became a gang leader feared by many.

Also I appear to have dipped into a bit of lack of skill. I should swim out of it soon enough though. I'll keep posting until it starts to look cool again


  1. I wonder what kind of blade that is....too short to be a sword...some kind of miniature samurai sword? For midgets or something, which I guess makes sense for a chicken!

    Also, is it bad that I want to make a chicken-crossed-the-road joke on every post?

  2. true. It's more like a big knife than a sword.

    And I don't see any reason you wouldn't make chicken crossed the road jokes all over this site.