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Chicken Maker
September 17, 2010

Why a Chicken Blog?

I was asked by an anonymous commentor, "why do you have a chicken blog"

At first I started writing a comment, but then I stopped and I looked and said. This could be a post. So it is.

I remember back when the internet was younger. When you could make a geocities site or whatever and everyone did and none of them were about anything. And I made one of those, but there was really nothing to it. It was empty and barren. But I had a place on the internet and then as time went by the various free sites fell down and got out of the way.

Social networking started being all hip and people stopped bothering with silly little pages like those. I never really liked Myspace and FaceBook though so I didn't really bother with them. I mean I made a MySpace and never touched it and I never even made a FaceBook, though people keep acting like I should.

But then while chitchatting in a chat room someone noticed my avatar of a chicken and said "Did you make that chicken?"

And I said, "Yes."

And he said, "You're the Chicken Maker. Make me a chicken."

So I said "Okay." and made him an experimental water chicken.

And that went on for a while then I had a few and I looked at them and I remembered fondly my terrible Freewebs site(Yeah, I went and found the site. I believe it was made about six years ago.) and looked at the internet and then glared at the internet. And then BAM blog. It's been going more than a year, which is beyond any expectations I held for it.

As for why it's a blog... I didn't have any money and it's free to make a blogger. I'm actually pretty good at HTML and stuff too so I dunno. Probably a good thing I didn't try to post that up as a comment...


  1. Interesting. I had been wondering.

  2. Chicken Maker, why did I have to live in a spiritual desert without you for so long?

  3. That was all on me Lisa. I'm a bit shy.

  4. I like you chicken-maker! I had a geocities-page back in the days! good times :) I like your chickens !!!