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Chicken Maker
September 26, 2010

Handsome Gentleman

He arrives on the scene to steal the young maiden's heart. A handsome gentleman with a heart of gold. He slides in at the last moment and saves her from some pugs. He looks her in the eyes, and she says...

"You're not a coward, but I'm not gonna go out with a chicken."


  1. That's okay, Handsome Gentleman. I'm sure you could convince my Laundry Monster to give you one of my old Barbies. I'm sure he has them! =p

  2. He is dashing. Saved her from ferocious pugs? My sister has one of those maniacs. They can lick toes mercilessly! And she STILL wouldn't date him? What is wrong with her? Her loss. I think he's absolutely gorgeous. Look out Fabio, there's a new romance cover model in town!