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Chicken Maker
February 14, 2013


Now back in the day I had a community on here. There were people who visited and commented pretty regularly. I miss that so I'm going to try to expand community interaction. I haven't responded to many challenges lately so that's been an issue on my end. I'll work on it. So I would still like to get more interaction. So, would you guys get any use out of a chat-box or the like if I stuck one in the side?


  1. What if you start a community of chickens? Like, each person who visits here regularly gets has their own chicken profile to comment and chat and stuff? It would be like an internet chicken coop.

  2. What The Tree Monster says would be cool. I think the chat-box would maybe not be frequented enough. I personally would comment more if you reply to my comments; it makes me feel special because you're as good as famous.

  3. Tree Monster. No, but you get one.

    Anon. Hello. I am responding to you. Have a name.

  4. Must I? Oh and thank you! I'll come by more often.