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Chicken Maker
February 20, 2013

Sent to Space

Cluckzia is proud to announce they have sent a chicken into space for the first time today

astronaut Cluck Rogers was recruited by the program and mere hours later was sedated in his pod for the launch. The Cluckzia Space Association confirms that he volunteered and will be able to safely return with little issue. Cluck Rogers is already consider a national hero by most of the nation.

According to his father, "What? I thought he worked at a gas station. I never knew he was so great."


  1. ...and the chicken will re-enter the Earth's atmosphere browned on all sides and delicious! Well, the pod _did_ have garlic and onions and such...

  2. Doesn't exactly look like a volunteer... Other news: This is cool!

  3. Of course he's a volunteer. They wouldn't drug someone and shoot them into the stratosphere without any equipment to return without that chicken's permission first.