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Chicken Maker
July 15, 2011

Mussed Up

It's a chicken with some mussed up hair. I mean not hair. It is not hair. But despite its lack of being hair it is still quite mussed up. His beak is rather twisted as well, and his body is a bit... eh... But I think he'd clean up nice. He could be something. He could be someone! Hero! Champion! Victor!

He isn't though. He's a mussed up mess and he probably never will make anything of himself.


  1. it is quite mussed... I Iike him anyway! :D

  2. I'm sure he could look as good as Striking Chicken if he cleaned up a bit. He just needs to comb his not-hair. ;)
    He'll totally make something of himself. Don't ruin his self-esteem. Poor guy.
    I like your chickens. *follows blog*