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Chicken Maker
July 17, 2011


BOOK, a book for all ages
I've been thinking and I like real books a lot more than those little e-Readers and the like. I've mostly been thinking it while watching things like those Kindle commercials where the fan of physical books makes a really stupid point like "Actually folding the page," which I would like to point out would make absolutely anyone who collects physical books(And I'm using a very loose meaning of collects) cringe. Folding a page is just damaging the book, and for a really dumb reason. You couldn't just use a nice sensible book mark. Could have at least gone with "Actually turning the page."

Anyways. I like my book shelf. It has so many books and I can just see them and be all giddy remembering them. The same is true of most things available digitally. If I'm buying something I want a physical... thing. I admit that I have a rather large collection of Steam games, but the fact that I don't always follow it doesn't make it less true.

And I like the physical weight of a book. Which I can totally see the other side's argument against. Carrying it is inconvenient, but I still like the weight.

This isn't some major eReaders suck sorta rant. Just a personal preference.

On the note of books I somehow lost the first book in a series off my shelf. I have no idea how I managed to do that. I'm certain nobody borrowed it. Perhaps it fell off, but then you'd think it was right next to the shelf...


  1. You can buy a used kindle for around 70$ in good shape. With that price, you're getting over 10,000 free books, if you're willing to pirate.

  2. I have to confess that I often dog-ear books. However I absolutely agree - a life without bookshelves would be like living in an IKEA catalogue - a tad soulless. Plus they add an air of intelligence and also BOOKS! You can read them, have the same battered copy that's been handed down the generations (all our Narnia books are) and they just resonate in a way that a digital gadget can't.