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Chicken Maker
August 26, 2021

Low Poly 3D Print

I recently purchased a 3D printer and, as with all thing I own, decided I should probably try to make a chicken with it real quick. Here is the final product I made after some trial and error. Along with the low polygon chicken, which is just a style I'm vaguely fond of, I went ahead and printed a stamp of the logo. No reason not to after all.

The first one I printed was very tiny and some of the faces were all wrong. This is no surprise as I had to teach myself to use blender and how to work a 3D printer as first steps. It took me a few tries to get size that seemed good. My personal preference is the 3rd one. Obviously this isn't a 100% done project, but nothing ever really is. 

On that note the model is a project in itself. Here we have a nice 360 animation of it. Now that I've stopped pretending animations are a monthly thing I guess I made one.

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