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Chicken Maker

Board Games and Card Games and Such Silly Things

I design the occasional board game or the like. The ones that have showed up on this site are listed on this page.

Feel free to contact me at

Major Projects
Chicken Heroics: A fantasy RPG in which you play a chicken! (Related Posts)
Chicken Draw: The Chicken Maker Card Game: A fast paced card game of chicken battles. (Related Posts) (DriveThruCards)

Money Cards: This set of cards are made for use tracking scores and resources in tabletop games.
A Kid and his Monster Pal: A small tabletop RPG based on the "mons" genre. (Release Post)

Small Free Games
Chicken Rolls: Simple Dice Game where you collect the parts of a chicken (Photo)
ChickenMaker™: The Board Game: Simple roll and move game where you hope to reach the end before your opponents
Claim Jump: An old west gold mining rock-paper-scissors thing.

Video Game
You Gotta Get To The Other Side: This is a Frogger Clone, but with a chicken.