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Chicken Maker


Hello Hello.

This page is here to tell you all about the monetization of this fine web site. We'll discuss the long and sordid history and how you can support this site now if you would like.

A long time ago there was a button the right hand side marked "Gimme a Dollar" and one time someone did. It was by far the most exciting bit. It was a Google Wallet donation link and after fees and what not I think I got about 40 cents of the dollar I was given. That was on there until the google wallet was discontinued.

At some point I decided to add some google ads because I deserve pennies a day for this. After having those for several months I still haven't made nearly enough money for google to actually give me my money. Despite the fact that I get hundreds of page views a day those don't count because for google ads you need them to click the ad. At the time you needed to hit $100 for google to send a check. Not sure if that's still the case, but anyways that was that. I decided the ad was ugly and since I wasn't actually getting anything for it I took it back off the site.

I sell T-Shirts on a site called Spreadshirt. Someone posted that they wanted one and I figured why not so I set it up. At the time it was the cheapest price for print on demand shirts. I never actually ordered any, but I do have one sale from someone who commented on here years ago. I should probably check into that again. I'm told there are a lot of new alternatives in that market these days.

I have another storefront as well, on DriveThruRPG/DriveThruCards It's where I sell tabletop games,the most relevant of which are Chicken Heroics, a chicken-based fantasy RPG, and Chicken Draw: The Chicken Maker Card Game.

And of course I have a Patreon, because every creative-type on the internet has one of those these days. We even, much to my dismay, have a Patron. I don't really do as much as I should with that, but there are a handful of exclusive posts on there and I tend to make some offhand comment when I link to this site.

Anyways, here are links to the active ways you can support the site.
Support the Site