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Chicken Maker
February 26, 2012

Ghost in Blue

This is a blue ghost.I know you have a lot of questions about it so please feel free to ask. I'm not going to answer them though. Ghosts are supposed to be mysterious.


  1. Excellent. Alas poor Yorick. Is this a ghost of warning?

  2. Hey Pablo Chickasso! Oops, wanted to say something nice, but Chickasso sounds kinda weird. Fair enough. What's next? Dora Maar au chicken?

  3. You've got some high-quality MS Paint chickens...nice!

    You should really check out Paint Avant-Garde. We're a community of MS Paint artists such as yourself. Your work would fit in splendidly!

  4. Ghost chickens make me sad. Like if Kentucky Fried Chicken were to sponser your work. This would make me sad as well. You would be happy thoigh, because you would have money. And fried chicken.