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Chicken Maker
September 06, 2013

Water Sprite

In an echo to the earlier blue periods this piece chose to take a thematic focus on water rather than simply work with the colors. This is brought into focus by the raindrop eye, and the flowing look of the outlines. The attempt at lighting effects was a bit lacking but develops a different look than usual. From the title, "Water Sprite"  we can assume the artist intended the chicken to be made of water.


  1. But what of this water sprite's feet? Were they at all shaped like flippers, as could be expected? Likewise, its wings must well be flipperlike, as it couldn't possibly launch itself up out of the water and fly, or could it?

    1. Gale. I'm gonna be honest. Those things you said. Those are true now.

    2. I thought it was made of water? How big is it? Can it ride a single molecule into the clouds? Or fog-hop? Rain-hop? This is important, I need to know this.