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Chicken Maker
March 05, 2016

Looking Back at No One

Over the many years I have run this I have had a number of loose relations with my fellow bloggers, whether I was following them on their site, chatting with them in comment sections or what have you. As I look back... I see very few of them still around. This isn't really surprising. I mean, how long do these sorts of things usually last, especially since most blogs these days are made on Tumblr, or just rolled into some guy's Facebook. There are people posting tons on Twitter. These old school blog sites are pretty out of vogue for random stuff like this.

Anyways going through the blogs I follow most of them have been inactive for more than a year now. The people I used to excitedly look forward to hearing from just... faded away without me noticing. Except Dogimo. This guy is still totally rocking it. He's got like 3 or 4 blogs and he posts like every day.

Well, I linked to the rest of this site's associate sites so... Back me on Patreon. I need to do something with that thing also.

Also I switched this site back to a Blogger Profile instead of using Google+ for whatever reason so my posts say Posted by Chicken Maker now instead of J Groves. I like being a mostly faceless Internet figure. Even if I'm not some sneaky anonymous guy.

1 comment:

  1. I think the older API that blogger uses is why so many people fade out.