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Chicken Maker
April 01, 2016

Rap: Spray Wild


Getting ready to lay down some sorta Rap song. Just gotta think of more smooth rhymes. I made a little beep and boop theme song for this site before and it didn't really do anything for me, so I thought it over and obviously I need to change genres on this thing. Those boops and beeps might even work pretty well if I just lay down some slick lines on top of them. I don't know how to talk rap music, but this all seems pretty in line

So far I've got like:

Goin since 2009!
Chicky-chicky-Chicken Maker! (That might need to be more like a dragged out MAYKAAAAA.)
M-S-Paintin' fair and fowl
Gotta get down when you hear this now!

I dunno. It still needs some work still.

April fools or whatever. Honestly this is pretty much identical to the standard content.

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