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Chicken Maker
October 15, 2016

Fledgling Lordling

In this piece I chose to focus on strong shading. Then since I had a nice horizon I added a castle, then I figured the chicken may as well be a lord or a princess or something and gave him a medallion. These are offhand side details to the decisive shading though.

I'm still playing with video things. That's the main reason this exists. As per my last post I mean I could have tested the recording software by doing literally anything, but I figured I may as well draw a chicken while I was doing that.


  1. Good golly. Your skill with MS Paint is amazing (just rediscovered this series 3 years after first being introduced to it and then forgetting it existed). I'm slightly envious because I can't even shade that well by hand.

    1. A returning fan? Welcome back!
      Please enjoy the site.

      Also I'm not actually sure if I can do this by hand... I feel so specialized in this draw chickens with MS Paint.

    2. Well I definitely couldn't do it in MS Paint (not without taking half a day to do it, at least)! I am in awe of your Paint skills.