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Chicken Maker
December 18, 2018

Social Media

Hey everybody. I'm expanding my social media accounts associated with this site since it's been a while and I'm no longer on every platform I can name.

I'm on Pixiv now. Popular Japanese art site. It's partly in English so good enough for me. I'll figure out what content I'm loading their later. Maybe I'll drop monthly illustration albums or something. Check it out.

Also joined the infamous alt-right twitter(aka gab). They immediately caught my attention with how my pictures weren't compressed. If you have one of these go follow me I guess. Check it out.
And I joined instagram which is super main stream. Not sure why I didn't have one of these before. They immediately surprised my because they are exactly the opposite and despite being primarily for pictures they in fact immediately compress and resize things. Probably because people post their ultra-HD stuff. Check it out.

I'm planning to use YouTube more, but I feel strange drawing while I'm being recorded. I'm either quietly working on it or I'm rambling and doing a bad job. If I actually do that I guess I'll also join like... BitChute? Is DailyMotion still a site? I feel like there's like 4 or 5 random video sites. It's probably too much of a hassle

Am I missing any social media sites that people care about? I'm on Pinterest and Reddit, but those are just personal accounts rather than places I post things.

Can I justify putting anything related to this site on LinkedIn? I mean, probably not

I'm not joining snapchat. What would I even do? Snap pics of my screen?

Maybe I'll put some more stuff on NewGrounds instead of just a bad frogger clone? I hear it got a bunch of new members after that recent Tumblr fuss.

Minds looks neat. Trying to sell me on their cryptocurrency based ad service or whatever.

Going to redo the site design in the near future so I'll get the links on the sidebar figured out then.

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