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Chicken Maker
April 15, 2021

Full Body

This bird stands tall from talon to comb. These slightly different proportions, along with the rare appearance of the chicken feet lets this piece stand out a bit among the countless other chickens on the site.

It's pretty standard without a funny hat or tragic backstory so that's the best it can manage.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Observations. General Chicken is the best in-context blog tag imaginable.

    Your style has run to a bold, assured dynamic here. Simplicity writ bold, to the point almost of abstraction. Volumes inferred by curve let to form in the beholding and so beholden eye. Forms that do not so much suggest as command, in the manner iconic.

    I love the clean stamp of wary, chickenish regard here. I feel sized up and, further demonstration pending, dismissed and acknowledged in one go by a confident chicken skeptic suspense of judgment specialist. That'll do bird.