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Chicken Maker
October 06, 2022

Bird Sketch

This is a bird. The blue and green background symbolizes. Truly one of the pictures on this website.

I kind of like the sketchy outlines, but making them consistent and rough is a careful balance.

October 05, 2022

Garden of Magic

The theme is a garden of magick, but I might have ended up more alien world with my choice of less saturated cool colors. Flowers, mushrooms and blue chickens is definitely magic though.

This year we're participating in Drawtober, because it isn't daily like most of these October art events.

October 02, 2022

AI Generated Post

The following was a drawing and ramble generated using the Craiyon Image AI and NovelAI. This rant is full of inspiration and questions. 

The first and most important point to note about chickens is that they are not people. They do, however, have faces (with beaks). Their heads are large and their eyes are usually small but sometimes quite large. Their legs are short and stubby with no toes or claws. Their feet are in fact the same shape as human hands. A man who does not eat meat cannot be called a vegetarian. He must, rather, be called a "chicken-eater".
September 29, 2022


Is this how a chicken would wear a wig and red ball nose? I think yes, and I'm obviously the highest authority on this matter.

He doesn't have jokes. He just runs around like a chicken. 

September 26, 2022

Painting – September 2022 Wallpaper

Here is this month's deeply meditative desktop wallpaper. Like a zen garden's endless raking of sand it was made through an endless series of incomplete sweeping strokes.

We used only the most reliable MS Paint spray can, the largest size of which is exactly 25 pixels wide. If I want to do something painterly I should just use actual paint. Or any art program that isn't my old friend MS Paint. Or at least not do it for something this large. Still, the tedium makes the completed product more satisfying.

September 25, 2022

Endless Swirls

Twists and swirls in an endless flow. As is almost always the case on this website they reveal the hidden form of a chicken. Almost like it's on purpose.

September 21, 2022


Today we're doing a wizard. Magic is usually green or purple, but he has a red hat and robe to match his wattle. If he had red magic it would be scary because that's usually evil.

I can't say for sure, but I'm pretty sure the swooshes behind this one are almost definitely magic.

September 19, 2022

White Hat

Seems like a shame to let the bad guy win, so here's the sheriff with a white hat, come to save the day.

September 18, 2022

Black Hat

 An unknown bird wandered into town with a black hat. Maybe it was from hearing too many tall tales, but you knew right away that he was the bad guy. That was just how westerns always went. Unlike the stories though when he pulled a gun on the saloon there wasn't anybody with a white hat around to stop him.

September 12, 2022

Across Space and Space

As the event horizon stabilizes and the wormhole ripples we find ourselves on the edge of infinity, where the world sees its beginning and its end we travel across Space and Space, but never time, constantly encroaching on the dangers of a quantum entanglement.

That's the concept we're going with. I'll use a funny hat next time so I don't have to be so abstract.