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Chicken Maker
July 17, 2009

Chicken Maker Video!!

Todays release is like a legitimately big deal. Not only was it not made in paint, I'm not even uploading it to this web site. We got a video! I made it in Flash and put it on the YouTube, though now that I look I probably should have just uploaded it here. Now I'm a bit annoyed because YouTube specifically told me that once it was uploaded there I would be able to post it right here without this block of code, but meh.

At any rate it's a series of 5 short animation:
1) Chicken Shuffles about
2) Chicken Tries to fly
3) Chicken RPG Video
4) Chicken War Story
5) Chicken SlideShow (A slideshot isn't really an animation)
6) Chicken Love Story

Here's the link in case embedded videos hate you

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow Superawesome! The animations first seemed a little short but then I realized it actually was perfect. The music was also perfect.