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Chicken Maker
July 26, 2009

Dual Chicken - Part 2 [Royal Serpent]

Here we come with Part 2 of Dual Chicken. If you want the previous two just use the Dual Chicken tag to find them.
For this part I decided to use two Boring Parts, one before and one after. Also in case it is unclear, and I'm sure it is, the guy in orange is the Detective. Drawing people with a mouse is as hard as I expected, but it came out better than I expected.

Boring Part(Pre)
AFEM Report: Investigation Division's Detective R. Martin on "Dual Chicken"

We were wrong. From observation during the Shadow Claw engagement we have found that the transformation is not a notable shift in size.

It's claw marks on the roof were consistant in size. The body of the mutant had slashes on it's face. The fatality was likely caused by the crash to the ground rather than the strike. No trace of the chicken

Royal Serpent has been dispatched. I am to follow and observe the engagement. I must maintain my distance for safety reasons.

If I feel a threat to my life I have been issued the trigger for Royal Serpent's [[Statement Retracted]]. I doubt I'll need it.

Boring Part(Post)
AFEM Report: Investigation Division's R. Martin on "Dual Chicken's Engagement with Royal Serpent"

What I just witnessed made no sense to me. I did not confront the mutant. It did not attack me and I stood there dumbstruck. I can safely say several things about the subject though.

The Chicken does transform but the change only seems to be in its coloration. The normal is the dark chicken and the other is the white chicken. The white one can move faster than I could follow, maybe even teleport.

It's killing strike made no sense to me as an observer. As soon as it went past the Royal Serpent the snake was suddenly criss crossed with slashed tearing straight through it's body. The body was almost completely destroyed, leaving only the crown and three slashes of what I can only assume is the serpent's blood.

The loss of the Royal Serpent was guarenteed. We need to send something more powerful, unfairly powerful, if we want any hope of defeating this mutant.

1 comment:

  1. Detective Martin's commentary wins the No-Prize! Artfully, delightfully meatily meta.

    This stuff is too choice, sir!