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Chicken Maker
July 13, 2009

Dual Chicken - Part One

Here comes the second installment of my Dual Chicken project. The first was the prologue. This part took me a while to do because as I was saying I had lost my knack for this. Of course that's not a real excuse. I'm just lazy. But this part is done and a good bit longer than the last. I am currently planning this to have 4 parts(plus the prologue and epilogue) but there may be more if I can actually manage to draw something I had earlier plans for.

Boring Part
AFEM Report: Investigation Division's Detective R. Martin on "Dual Chicken"
The dispatched unit was eliminated. The escaped bird is now considered to be confirmed as a mutant. The local population has been warned in regards to its presence.

Based on the limited remains found of the previous unit sent to eliminate it the investigation force believes it has some sort of transformation it can trigger into a larger, more deadly form. As such it has been code named "Dual Chicken" in reference to it's two forms.

"Shadow Claw" has been dispatched.The director has stated that the result of the operation doesn't matter since "Either way a mutant is eliminated."

Exciting Part

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