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Chicken Maker
December 07, 2010

Math Fall

Well, my Calculus III exam is tomorrow so I made a drawing of some math. The chickens fall through the math. The horror that comes as they fall through the horrible mess of mathematics. I like the near bald one on top of the Plus sign. (+) As for why no big old multiplication sign... the x is too much like the +, and the dot is too simple.


  1. hey, i love your stuff. Good luck on the exam, i just took my calc III exam too... blegh :)

  2. Calc III? Why would you subject yourself to that torture???

    Good luck!

  3. Aww, man. Calculus. I feel for you. Good luck on the exam!!

  4. Calculus III is exactly the reason why I chose to be a Business Administration major rather than a Computer Science major. I hope you did well on your exam. In the mean time, thanks for giving me a healthy outlet to bask in my love for chickens.

  5. I thought Calc III was easier than Calc II. Maybe because the curve of new concepts was shallower. It was a lot of fun, in any case. :)