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Chicken Maker
December 18, 2010

Chicken Change

Okay. I got two coins. And I got a Wallpaper made out of them. I imagine the background as being the treasure of the great chicken pirate, Wattle-Beard... Who I will be drawing later.

I preference the Gold coin over the Silver by a fair margin, but I think that's because I made it first so the second I was somewhat focused on making it, "Not the first one" Also I apologize, but to my surprise even the two coins side by side are too big to put up here full size either. I wasn't even planning on having the silver at first, but when I first started on the background it looked too monotonous so I added the silver to you know. Mix it up.


  1. This should be a universally-accepted currency. Dollars, euros, and yen are inferior by far.

  2. They look sorta....avatar-ish....what with the big arrows pointing down at their face.

    ....I mean, I know it's the crest really, but I just see a big blue arrow! =p