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Chicken Maker
August 12, 2013

We Sell Shirts Now

A while back there was a bit of talk about wanting to buy shirts and prints and the like. I still don't sell prints, because well... Why would I? This is all low resolution digital art. Use your ink jet if you want a print. More importantly though I do now have a couple designs loaded on the SpreadShirt website, with our storefront here. If you have any specific designs you would like to see available mention it below.

Currently the available designs are based on Adorable and Chicken Cannon... FIRE!


  1. Sweet! Nice designs! Maybe a simple, logo-like, generic symbol of your site on a shirt? Just a thought

    1. This logo good?

    2. Yeah! Except I would put the words under the chicken instead of on the side. You should ask professionals. This is serious business.