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Chicken Maker
April 11, 2014


The earnest young fowl had no choice but to take the path of knighthood to win the noble pullet's love.

In this piece I chose to utilize several techniques to give the piece a solid feeling of quality. First in designing the knight's armor I opted to extend the visor to properly allow for the knight's beak. In addition, by adding in the lighter chain mail at the neck and on the wing under the pauldron I gave the character a less monotonous design. In addition shading the image with darker colors gives the image a feeling of depth. The castle, and other background elements, were drawn without the thick outlines I tend toward using to let the knight maintain a solid focus and not be drug into it. In addition the small handful of marks atop the castle give the faintest hint of the noble's existence as she looks out over him leaving on his journey. The journey itself is faintly alluded to by the path leading to the knight from the castle gates.

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