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July 12, 2014

Shades McCoolguy IX: Golden Ending

I welcome everyone to the final part of the third trilogy of Shades McCoolguy. I'm not entirely sure how this got delayed for so long, part 8 being posted back in January, but it's probably because I had no idea what to do with it and didn't want to rush through the finale, then I forgot I was doing it. If you don't know what this is then go to the Project section using the button on the right

Shades McCoolguy faced off against the Sailor on the deck of his ship. His uncertainty about how to protect the fowl already on board the ship had left him distracted enough to be caught face to face with the foul man intent on their slaughter. Bounding forth Shades had no real choice one way or the other. He had to handle the Sailor now or there would be no saving anyone.
It really goes without saying that in the end an exhausted Shades looked out over the rails of the Cajun Queen, leaving the Sailor to his end in the murky waters below. He was battered and bruised, but the Sailor hadn't managed to fry him despite his best efforts. Truly when he had set out he hadn't intended to end this so cruelly. He'd planned to let the law handle the Sailor's crimes, but as usual he hadn't been able to forgive the man once they'd crossed paths.
Moving toward the helm he prepared to take everyone back home. The day was saved for them and once they were off this boat of death Shades thought he might just have to sink it.

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